Technical Support & Maintenance

When you have your online business up and running, suddenly you feel you need technical support without prior plan of development, you many need it any time. Your server may go down any time because of a lot of possible reasons.  It's a big loss of revenue and reputation if you try to work out the problem yourself and hire an expert to fix it. So, you decide to keep a full time technical support engineer at your office.

But most of the time of a technical support engineer can never be utilized. So, we came up with a solution that can lower your cost of technical support. We guarantee a fixed amount of hours for technical support per month for a monthly retainer fee.

You can lower your technical support cost by 50-80% per year.

So, you still always have someone who

  • knows your system always
  • can fix things faster than on-demand developers
  • available whenever you are in problem
  • monitors your server and application

Even if you are now fixing your application with on-demand developers, it's much more costlier than a regular technical support like us. Because, when you face a bug which may need 2 hours to fix, an on-demand developer will have to

  1. Talk to you for an hour
  2. Setup your application in his/her development server (4-20 hours)
  3. Read your application's source codes (4-40 hours)

And he's going to charge for all the hours. If you calculate all these costs in a year, it's still at least double than you would spend for our service.